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Conveyancing and Property Law

When you’re looking at buying, selling or leasing property, having an experienced property lawyer and/or conveyancer is critical. We can provide both services; property law and conveyancing, all under the same roof.

Selling or making a purchase of a property can be a major life decision. Our conveyancing services offer you peace of mind and provide you with expert legal advice for all commercial and residential conveyancing.

What’s the difference between a conveyancer and a property lawyer?

A conveyancer generally assists in the process of conveying the title to a property, from the seller to the buyer.

A property lawyer goes further by advising on:

  • who the buyer should be;

  • the tax and duty issues arising for the seller and the buyer; and

  • consideration and advice on issues that may affect the value or enjoyment of the property.

We have conveyancers in our practice who work under the supervision of our property lawyers.

Dealing with your biggest asset or acquisition has its challenges. You can be confident that our team is focused on achieving the right outcomes for you as they guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Buying your property

Whether it is your first purchase or just one step in building a portfolio of investment properties, buying a property can be an anxious and tense period. We help you make sure you tick all the boxes correctly, as you go along.

Selling your property

Any transaction with property must be handled carefully and competently. It is often the biggest asset an individual will ever have!

To discuss this matter on a no obligation basis, please contact:

Belinda Fenn

Belinda Fenn

Director & Principal lawyer
Rebecca Healy

Rebecca Healy

Director & Principal lawyer
Caitlyn Walker

Caitlyn Walker

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