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Meet the team - Helen Collins (Principal Lawyer & Director) - Accredited Specialist Personal Injury

This month we celebrate Helen being an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law for 10 years.

Helen's legal experience spans more than 20 years.

Helen’s experience in personal injury law started when she acted for victims of crime, including those injured by domestic violence. Her early career experience in criminal law and family law adds to Helen’s ability to understand the plight, depth and nuances of her clients’ lives impacted by a devastating workplace injury, transport accident or long term abuse injury.

Helen has a genuine interest in discerning various complex issues and exploring the best possible solutions for her clients.

Helen's clients appreciate her empathetic approach, her hard work and expert advice. Helen also holds a Bachelor of Science and is passionate about the environment. Helen actively practices and encourages others to live sustainably and responsibly for the benefit of present and future generations. Helen has been a part Nevin Lenne Gross since 2001 becoming a principal of the firm in 2016.

Helen has been an accredited specialist in personal injury law for ten years. Congratulations Helen - what a remarkable achievement, we are all very proud of you!

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