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Engineered Stone is being banned

The use, supply and manufacture of all engineered stone will be prohibited from 1 July 2024 in the majority of jurisdictions.  The cutting, shaping and polishing of engineered stone exposes workers to silica dust which has led to a rapid increase in the number of workers developing silicosis (a serious lung disease).


We welcome the laws that will prevent Australians being exposed to harmful silica dust in the future, but many have already been exposed and their injuries are still unknown.


We also know people who have been exposed, and now they have the terrible worry of what harm they will discover in years to come.


We have acted for workers with silicosis who have received significant compensation for their injuries, even though no amount of money can give them their health back. When they die, their dependants may also be entitled to compensation.


People who are concerned about their potential health problems should make sure they keep records of their exposure, where they were employed, the nature of the products or dust. They should keep their records for well over the minimum seven years, because these injuries don’t play by the tax record keeping laws.

To find out more or to discuss exposure please contact Helen Collins, Personal Injury Accredited Specialist, or submit an online enquiry



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