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Thank you for your service - Cris Chalmers

Cris joined Nevin Lenne Gross as an accounts clerk in 1996 – that’s right 27 years ago. At that time Cris was a busy mum to 3 young children. Those children are now all grown and she is now a busy grandmother of 6 , with twins on the way. This month Cris will finish up with the firm so that she can spend more time with her already retired husband Lawrie, her adult children and her very special grandchildren. Whilst we are very sad to see Cris leave the firm as she been a highly valued, knowledgeable and skilled member of our team we are also excited for her as she enters that stage in her life that is all about her and her family.

Cris has seen many changes at NLG as our current longest serving employee. She is highly respected by her colleagues and no doubt there will be a few tears on her final day.

Cris, you will always be a part of the NLG family and that will never change.

Good luck, enjoy retirement and thank you Cris!

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