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Proudly supporting the Amber Community - to help reduce the impact of road trauma

The Amber community are a non-for-profit organisation with a vision to reduce the incidence and impact of road trauma.

They provide counselling and support to people impacted by road trauma and also provide education to road users to address attitudes and behaviours.

On a daily basis we experience the impact of road trauma on our local regional communities. We are extremely proud to support the Amber Community and the critically important services and education they provide.

To find out more about how we can support those impacted by road trauma, contact Belinda Fenn, Personal Injury lawyer. Belinda is passionate about helping those who have been impacted by road trauma. Her empathetic approach, attention to detail, timely and accurate advice provides her TAC clients with the personal and professional support they need during what is a difficult and emotional time.

To find out more about the Amber Community and what they do, please click here.

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