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Have you or someone you know been involved in a road accident? NLG can help you.

People living in rural and regional areas are all too familiar with the horrific road accidents that happen on our roads, causing injury to multiple occupants of the vehicles and devastating a family.

At Nevin Lenne Gross, we have assisted many people, including whole families, with claims for their injuries or when a family member has died.

It is essential that everyone involved in the transport accident lodges a claim with the Transport Accident Commission (the TAC) within one year of the transport accident. This is because you only have 12 months to lodge a claim from the date of the accident, or the date an injury from your accident first becomes evident.

Before lodging your TAC claim, you must also tell the police (whether the police attended at your accident or not). If your accident was on public transport, you must report the accident to the public transport operator, such as V/Line.

Making a claim with the TAC can be done on the telephone (1300 654 329) or online on the TAC’s website ( . If you need help to lodge a claim, please contact Nevin Lenne Gross. It is important that your claim form includes all the injuries you sustained in the transport accident, including any pre-existing conditions that were made worse.

Many people need legal advice, but go without in the aftermath of a transport accident. You can see an experienced lawyer at Nevin Lenne Gross in an initial free consultation.

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