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Have you been injured in a transport accident?

  1. Seek medical assistance immediately – call 000 and provide details of the accident and whether you or anyone else has suffered any injuries.

  2. If it is not necessary for an ambulance to attend you should report the accident to your local police. If they do not attend the scene because they are not available you should obtain the police officers name, rank and registration number.

  3. Should you suffer any ongoing health problems after the accident you should make an appointment to attend your GP as soon as possible to report same. Quite often injuries will become noticeable over time and you should ensure that they are recorded and you seek appropriate treatment early on.

  4. If you are ok to do so, you should ensure that you swap details with all the other parties involved in the accident (if any). You should obtain their full names, address, phone number, licence number, DOB, registration details, insurance details and the make and model of the cars involved in the accident.

  5. If you can, take photographs of the damage to the vehicles and the site of where the accident occurred.

  6. If the other parties involved won’t provide their details or leave the scene of the accident make sure you immediately contact the police to advise.

  7. Contact us to discuss how to lodge a claim with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and what entitlements you should be able to receive. The TAC will pay for loss of wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses. Time limits do apply so the sooner you contact us the better.

  8. If you have already lodged a claim contact us as soon as possible thereafter to discuss your further compensation options. Using an experienced lawyer in this area will maximise any potential lump sum compensation. You should also be aware that if your claim is rejected or the TAC have terminated your entitlements you will likely have rights to appeal those decisions. Again time limits apply so you should contact us as soon as possible for advice.

Why Nevin Lenne & Gross?

We have experienced lawyers who deal with the Transport Accident Commission on a daily basis. We have dealt with several hundreds of claims for people injured in road accidents including claims for both physical and psychological trauma. We have experience with difficult claims involving passengers on public transport, pedestrians being struck by vehicles, cyclists and witnesses to serious accidents. We provide a first free consultation so we can explain your compensation options and to ensure that you are currently receiving the right entitlements. Our lawyers are compassionate, skilled, proactive and strive to take the stress of the process off you. We work on a no win, no fee basis. You are not required to pay any costs or disbursements until the finalisation of your claim. If you have any queries whatsoever we would be happy to discuss this with you (at no charge for the first consultation and you should contact us on

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