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Family law and post-separation contributions

Contributions made by a party from the date of separation until the matter is finalised are called post-separation contributions.

Post-separation contributions, whether financial and non-financial, may significantly impact part of the assessments and considerations in a family law property settlement.

Financial contributions include ongoing and/or substantial financial contributions provided by one party for the benefit of their former spouse after separation.

Any substantial asset acquired post-separation, such as the purchase of a new vehicle or property, renovation of an existing property, the ability to pay out a mortgage within a short period will all be taken into account.

Non-financial contributions by the homemaker spouse are also an important consideration, particularly where the homemaker spouse’s indirect contributions enable the other party to further their career and accumulate post-separation assets.

In cases where the evidence shows that the homemaker spouse carries the responsibilities well beyond the norm, their non-financial contributions are recognised in a substantial way.

In order to negotiate a just and equitable outcome of the property settlement, the contributions of each party over the relevant period, including post-separation contributions must be considered. Timing is very important when assessing the value of post-separation contributions.

If parties are unable to resolve their differences post separation and a significant amount of time passes, contributions made during that time can become an issue.

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