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Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 2022

The first steps to staying cyber secure include:

  1. Turning on automatic software updates on your devices;

  2. Regularly backing up your devices;

  3. Switching on multi-factor authentication;

  4. Using passphrases;

  5. Securing your mobile device/s; and

  6. Watching out for cyber scams.

If you are not already taking these steps, we strongly recommend that you do.

We also recommend that if anyone (Law Firm, Real Estate Agent, even friends and family) asks you transfer any monies, you first call them to verbally confirm their bank account details. This is especially important if the bank account details are different to the details you already have or if the bank account details have been provided via email.

What do Nevin Lenne Gross do to prevent Cyber Security breaches?

  1. We always call our clients to verbally confirm bank account details;

  2. We ensure we are meeting the highest standards of security on all work devices;

  3. We will not open suspicious emails, and where those emails have come from identifiable third parties, we will call the third party to confirm the email was meant for us;

  4. Any calls we make to confirm bank details or the validity of an email, are made to a known contact number and not to contact numbers contained in suspicious emails. To learn more about Cyber Security, head to

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