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Are you a victim of a crime? - You may be entitled to Sentencing Act Compensation

If you have suffered an injury, including mental and or physical as result of an offence, where that person is found guilty or convicted you can apply for compensation from the offender, this known as a Sentencing Act application for compensation.

In cases where the offender has the means to pay, the Director of Public Prosecution may apply to the court for an order to restrain the property, so the offender cannot sell property or disburse bank account balances. Speak to the police officer involved in your case if you think this could help you recover compensation.

You can apply for compensation for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain and suffering

  • Counselling and other services

  • Loss of income

Your application must be made within 12 months after the offender is found guilty, or convicted, of the offence (in some cases an extension can be granted). It is important to get informed legal advice.

We can provide you with expert advice along with lodging a claim for compensation.

Contact our office today and make an appointment to see our personal injury accredited specialist, Helen Collins to find out more.

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